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Vineyard & Winery Management is a company with a broad-ranging portfolio serving the North American wine industry for nearly 40 years. VWM prides itself on its grassroots background. What started as a labor of love in upstate New York in 1975, the business has grown and nurtured into a thriving second-generation family owned and independent endeavor. 

Because of the diversity of its portfolio, VWM is able to reach segments of the wine industry other companies simply can't touch.


The business publishes Vineyard & Winery Management magazine, which has the highest circulation of any North American wine trade publication.





In addition it produces and hosts two regional trade shows and conferences,
Craft Beverages Unlimited MIDWEST and EAST


 2016 CBU MIDWEST Logo    2016 CBU EAST Logo


 and four unique wine competitions.


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Vineyard & Winery Management is dedicated to delivering its customers the quality, service and value needed to make their business thrive in today’s competitive wine marketplace.


How to Reach Us

Vineyard & Winery Management, Inc.
421 E Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

PO Box 14459, Santa Rosa, CA 95402-6459


Phone: 707-577-7700
Fax: 707-577-7705





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